Hi and welcome! My name is Katie and yes, I am a homemaker. I live with my husband, Brian, and two small boys, Ben and Teddy, in western Michigan.

I have been a stay-at-home mom and housewife since Ben was born in 2012. Teddy joined our family in October 2014 and while we are busy, we still find time to renovate our second ranch home, travel, spend time with family and friends, hang out with awesome people on the internet, run several businesses, and sleep, on occasion.

Brian is a web developer and works from our house. After more than 2 years of spendingĀ almost every hour of every day under the same roof together, we both agree that this lifestyle is a fun and fantastic way to raise a family! We’ve learned a lot about being self-employed over the years and that knowledge has ultimately lead to owning a rental home as the beginning of our real estate empire and becoming (and staying) debt-free with the only exception being our mortgages.

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  1. Hi Katie!

    So glad to have come across your cloth diapering routine because I have the same machine but have been really struggling to get my routine right. I was wondering if you have hard or soft water…we live in AZ with extremely hard water.


    • Hard water is one problem I havent had to deal with because water in Michigan is just about in the middle. Rockin Green makes a detergent called Hard Rock thats formulated for hard water. Calgon water softener laundry additive is also diaper safe and should break up the minerals in your water to help the detergent rinse away cleanly. Good luck!

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