Good morning! Did the past weekend go by far too fast for you too? We got snow on Saturday which made the whole weekend feel weird. Snow shouldn’t happen in April!

Today’s Meet Me Monday question is, “What is something you’re obsessed with?”

I am interested in a fair number of things but incredibly passionate about very few. The closest I could come to a full-blown obsession is my feelings about Disney World. As long as I can remember, I’ve loved Disney music and movies and since our marriage almost 8 (whaaaaat?!) years ago, Brian and I have vacationed at Disney World in Florida every year. Each vacation has looked different; we’ve had short, long, on-property, off-property, extended family, just the two of us, indulgent, and thrifty trips over the years.

Two-year-old Benny meeting his hero, Buzz Lightyear. He still talks about it!

Our trips look so much different now than they did before we had kids but we’re thrilled to introduce our love of Disney to our offspring. Ben is already looking forward to going back in May.

(Low Res, my apologies) Our 2015 Disney vacation family portrait. We get our photo taken in the same place every year and I love that the photos show our family growing from just the two of us, to being pregnant with Ben and Teddy and now the boys as they get bigger.

How about you? Do you share my Disney infatuation? Do you love reading? Collecting stamps? What is your obsession?

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  1. > “What is something you’re obsessed with?”

    Honestly, I could have a much longer list than I should put in this comment, so I’ll list three things in non-specific order:

    1. *Great* televisions shows with a dark edge to them (TWD, Bates Motel, The Strain, etc.)

    2. Staying organized. (Call me a nerd, but it’s true).

    3. My family. It seems like a cop out, but seriously. You know how it is. They’re awesome and I love being round them.

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