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The Magical, Disappearing Summer

This is rather awkward. I’ve meant to post, honest, but we’ve been having too much fun summering hard to worry about new posts or formatting photos or eating healthy dinners. Suddenly its July and I’m convinced the last few months have gone by at twice the normal speed.

In May we road tripped to Disney (another full post coming about that!) and celebrated Brian’s 30th birthday while we were there. Brian and I celebrated our 8th anniversary, I took a trip to Savannah with some of my dearest friends, and Teddy ended up in the hospital with RSV. By the time he got out and we felt sufficiently recovered, it was Memorial Day weekend when we did lots of yard work and my sister got engaged!

Enjoying one of Savannah’s many parks with my travel buddies
We watched *so much* Nemo at the hospital
The benefit of having a room on the 6th floor is that you have an amazing view of all the vrooms and gucks driving around
Ben’s favorite part of shopping for plans was the hot dog truck in front of the greenhouse!
Putting Ben to work
She said yes so we’re planning on an October wedding

In June I turned 30, we took a short beach vacation to Ludington (potentially a full post here too) so we could enjoy Lake Michigan and attend my cousin’s wedding, Ben had an amazing dentist appointment, we enjoyed our back yard oasis as much as possible, and Teddy went back to the hospital with RSV again. We have an action plan now so there’s less of a chance that Teddy will have to be admitted to the hospital again this summer. I’d really prefer it to be never!

Teddy hates the sand with the fire of 1000 suns but he’s all about playgrounds
T had a big break through in June when he discovered that he does indeed like the baby pool
Babies in the pool
Teddy was more intensely sick for a longer time than in May so we have lots of droopy baby pictures
Look, Ma! No Oxygen! Teddy did really well maintaining his oxygen level while he was awake but needed O2 while sleeping for several days


The downside of being in the hospital, other than the bills and feeling like a caged animal, was we had to miss a friend’s wedding. The upside was that since we already arranged childcare, Brian got to come with us!

July started with a bang (both literally and figuratively). We host my extended family for brunch on the 4th so we spent a few days cleaning and landscaping before going all-in on celebrating the US’s independence. Brian built a play house into the bottom of the boys’ swing set, we finally hung some pictures and projects inside the house, and we’ve made nearly weekly trips to the local farmer’s market.

Ben is so thrilled to have a house with a doorbell
Mmmmm. Michigan strawberries
Independence Day parade
This was T’s first parade as a toddler and he loved all the trucks and loud things

What do you have going on for the rest of the summer? We have more short trips, wedding planning, house projects, and large road trips to look forward to in the rest of July and in August. Maybe we’ll catch up again in September?

It Was a Good Day

My grandparents had a wonderful vegetable garden in the backyard for as long as I can remember and one of the bonuses of having bought their house is the three plots of asparagus. I picked enough for the two adults around 5 pm, consumed by 8 pm. Delicious!
Two year olds are not always fun (he threw himself to the ground in anger only minutes after this) but he is sweet, loving, funny, and smart as a whip!
There is nothing better, according to my boys, than playtime with Daddy. This photo is one of my favorites of all time, taken in our own backyard

What We Ate: 5/26 – 6/1

One of the things I’d like to do on this blog is record what we ate each week to make myself more aware of how I’m feeding my family. I’ve attempted making meal plans at the beginning of the week in the past but have never been able to fully commit. Maybe listing our meals after the fact will be a baby step in that direction?

In our house, breakfast is on our own since we get up at different times. The exception would be special occasions, holidays, and sometimes Sundays when I might make pancakes or oatmeal. I make Brian’s lunch about half of the time so he doesn’t have to take more time off of work during his lunch break. I also gladly trade making his lunch if he feeds Ben! Dinner is always a family activity and is becoming more so as Ben grows. We don’t usually eat at the table like real adults yet but we’re closer than we were last year!

Sunday: Reenacting

Lunch: Reenacting
Dinner: Leftover pizza and the last package of frozen cinnamon breadsticks

Lunch: (B) Sandwich, (K) Salad leftovers from weekend
Dinner: Homemade mac & cheese

Lunch: (B) Sandwich, (K) Mac & cheese leftovers
Dinner: Bean soup with ham and beer bread

Lunch: (B) Mach & cheese leftovers, (K) Grilled sharp cheddar and spinach on sourdough
Dinner: (Friends for dinner) BBQ chicken legs and thighs, steamed green beans, Supreme pasta salad

Lunch: Leftover bean soup
Dinner: Clean out the fridge night

Lunch: McDonalds (treat we promised ourselves if we got up early and did yard work)
Dinner: Clean out the fridge night