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It Was a Good Day

My grandparents had a wonderful vegetable garden in the backyard for as long as I can remember and one of the bonuses of having bought their house is the three plots of asparagus. I picked enough for the two adults around 5 pm, consumed by 8 pm. Delicious!
Two year olds are not always fun (he threw himself to the ground in anger only minutes after this) but he is sweet, loving, funny, and smart as a whip!
There is nothing better, according to my boys, than playtime with Daddy. This photo is one of my favorites of all time, taken in our own backyard

Four Months

Happy 1/3 year birthday, littlest boy!

Teddy is a chunky, happy boy who smiles at everyone. We’re feeling pretty established and content as a family of four and I only feel overwhelmed half the time that I have both of the boys by myself. Ben and Teddy are great but no two days are alike, which makes for a lot of guessing on my part. Thankfully, Ben’s molars are all in (YAAAAAY) so I don’t have that to contend with anymore.

We’ve completely failed at continuing to attempt bottles with Teddy so we may have missed our window of opportunity. It’s just too darn convenient for me to feed him directly from the source instead of having to pump/store/thaw/heat/feed/wash. This mama doesn’t have no time for that and honestly, the only reason we’d want to give him a bottle is for our upcoming trip to Florida. I’m not going to let the only occasion to use a bottle stress me out.

Teddy doesn’t see the pediatrician until the middle of the month but I’m already praying the shots go better this time around than at his 2 month appointment. Seeing him so upset and feel so crappy is hard when there’s so little I can do for him. As far as his current weight goes, I’m certain that he’ll far surpass Ben’s weight at 4 months (14 lb 3 oz) since when I weighed him a few weeks ago he was already at 14 lb.

Teddy is DEFINITELY heavier than Ben! He weight 15 lb 1 oz at his 4 month checkup. What surprised me, though, was that he is about an inch shorter than Ben (24.5″ instead of 25.5″). The result is a rolly polly, chunk of a baby! He has so many folds, rolls, and dimples and we love it! His head was 17″ (84th %) which is really close to Ben. I guess Teddy will be wearing toddler size hats on our trip to Florida!

We’re following the 90 Minute Baby Sleep Program for Teddy, just as we did for Ben, and it seems to be working just as well the second time around! Mr. T takes 3 naps every day, the first 90 minutes after he gets up in the morning (around 9:30-10ish), the second after lunch at the same time Ben naps (hooray for concurrent napping!), and the third around 4-4:30. Both boys go down for bed between 7 and 7:30 and Mommy can then collapse into a puddle on the couch. Teddy hit the 4 month sleep regression pretty hard in the last week and there are some nights where he starts waking me up hourly starting at 2 AM. Those are some long nights! I swaddled him and then put his small, swaddled self into a sleep sack last night and that was the best sleep I’ve gotten in ages. Maybe because he was warmer? Maybe because he couldn’t break out of the swaddle (which he totally needs, I’ve tried to go without)? Either way, I like being able to sleep from 11-5!

Teddy hasn’t rolled over or really shown much interest yet. I try to give him as much time on his tummy as possible but so far there really hasn’t been much sideways movement. He loves to play with toys in his bouncy seat more than the play gym on the floor. He especially loves being tickled, talk to, read to (another reader in the house!), playing pat-a-cake with his feet, being worn in one of the various carriers, and being involved in whatever new game Ben has dreamed up. He recently has started tracking us with his eyes as we walk around the house and looks around wildly if he can hear one of us but not see us.

Brian was gone for 6 days at Pressnomics at the end of January so I had both boys by myself and, as a bonus, a stomach bug! We were able to work it out that my parents picked up Ben for the day and the sister who we’ve hired to nanny for us weekly came over and hung out with Teddy at the house. Neither of the boys caught whatever I had though, which is wonderful. We have our annual Florida trip coming up in a few weeks so I need to get into high gear and pull out warm weather clothes, shoes, swim suits, toys, sunblock, etc for all of us. We’re also stripping the wallpaper out of our kitchen, dining room, and hall so the painter can come in while we’re gone and get the walls done without a 2 year old’s “help.” We’re going to be busy!

Playing with Ben’s tools
Ben loves to be wherever Teddy is. I’m enjoying it now because I’m certain that in only a few more years, he’ll be BEGGING me to get Teddy away from him!
Baby Batman!
So much cute in one tiny child!
Om nom nom
Working on grasping and holding onto toys
Mom is sick? No problem! I’ll just play toys on the bed while she tries to get better as fast as she can
I can usually sneak in an extra 45 minutes of sleep by tucking Teddy next to me after I feed him in the morning. He’d probably be a cosleeper for life! He loves waking up with his favorite people so close by.


July Photo Dump

Ben loves the kitties and tries to play with them as often as he can catch them
Ben was very proud of himself when he figured out how to make his toy play music
Happy Independence Day!
Grandma was cleaning out her house and found the ViewMaster my dad and uncles when they were kids. She was going to throw it out so we claimed the toy along with a stack of slides from the 50s-70s. Love it!
Independence Day yard work. We tried the back carry with the Ergo for the first time. Ben didn’t like it as much because he can’t see and I don’t like getting my hair pulled. So far, nothing beats hip carry!
Celebrated our independence by grilling a few filet mignon steaks, mini potatoes and fresh corn
When the weather gets hot, we enjoy spending the afternoon in the pool
Chicken is now Ben’s favorite food
About half of the time that Ben goes quiet in the living room, I find him laying in a sea of books, happily turning pages and telling himself stories. That’s my boy!
Big news of the month was when Ben started to crawl! He demonstrated his new skills by helping Mowgli chase down a half-dead fly
Now that he can move, he doesn’t stop traveling and exploring
He is still a cute sleeper, even when he is a stinker during the day
Oh, you know, just reading a book like a BIG KID! The crossed ankles get me every time!
He figured out where we keep the good stuff he isn’t supposed to play with.
Giving kisses to the adorable baby that lives in the hall mirror
Cute hat day is always a good day
We had our second reenactment of the season. This was Ben’s first time wearing his new green dress and our first event with a mobile baby. Since he didn’t get lost, hurt, or eat more than a blade or two of grass, it was a pretty successful weekend!
I really wish this photo wasn’t blurry but it shows off Ben’s cheese-face so well! You can also see his top, front teeth that came in too.
Pondering one of life’s many mysteries: Where does the water go after a bath?
Ben figured out how to sit himself up from laying flat so bed time is much more complicated now
Sometimes it’s just too much work to finish laying down before falling asleep
I picked a peck of purple peppers… Not really a peck, only 3 so far but they are tiny and delicious! My supposed “early” tomatoes are not turning yet. I think the weather is too cold.
Pulling himself to his knees on anything that sits still longer than 5 seconds. Baby proofing the living room was very high on our priority list
Daddy left for WordCamp San Francisco and I decided to cut three teeth at once and be mean to Mommy for 5 days by not taking naps. She didn’t appreciate it.
I can picture these two getting into a lot of trouble together in the future
Brian and I have been lamenting the sudden turn toward being a big kid. Where did the baby go? Did the big boy eat him?
Brian came home from San Francisco and Ben and I were thrilled!

June Photo Dump

We did a lot of friend visiting, walks, and local fun in June. Here are some snapshots of life as a Richards!

Hanging out at Ben’s second cousin’s first birthday party
Brian’s aunt got Ben this puppy for Christmas. It hooks up to the computer and you can teach it to say the child’s name and favorite food, animal, and color. Ben loes hearing it sing to him!
Ben’s response to his Baby Neptune dvd. This mama loves that Ben sits long enough to get her a quiet lunch
This clothes pin wreath is quite possibly my first non-reenacting related craft since Ben was born. I haven’t taken it down yet because I love it so much!
We got a little baby pool and Ben loves splashing and rolling around in it
He loves his water toys!
Nose wrinkle cheeseball face!
Ben will eat anything off a fork
Ben hasn’t quite started crawling yet but can roll wherever he wants to go. Brian texted this photo to me when I was running errands one day. Time to baby proof the house!
Working with Daddy
I had a GREAT trip to the baby consignment store and found a simple sling that was exactly my size for $8
We took a weekend trip to Chicago so Brian could attend Word Camp Chicago at the end of the month and this is the gorgeous and comfortable apartment we rented.
Ben checked out the apartment and decided wood floors are slippery
My sanity-saving travel buddies on the blue line train in Chicago
My baby and me at Navy Pier. You can faintly see the massive bruise on his forehead where he came in contact with the recliner the day we left for Chicago
The view from the outdoor patio at the Shedd where we ate lunch
We loved the jellyfish exhibit