One of the things I’d like to do on this blog is record what we ate each week to make myself more aware of how I’m feeding my family. I’ve attempted making meal plans at the beginning of the week in the past but have never been able to fully commit. Maybe listing our meals after the fact will be a baby step in that direction?

In our house, breakfast is on our own since we get up at different times. The exception would be special occasions, holidays, and sometimes Sundays when I might make pancakes or oatmeal. I make Brian’s lunch about half of the time so he doesn’t have to take more time off of work during his lunch break. I also gladly trade making his lunch if he feeds Ben! Dinner is always a family activity and is becoming more so as Ben grows. We don’t usually eat at the table like real adults yet but we’re closer than we were last year!

Sunday: Reenacting

Lunch: Reenacting
Dinner: Leftover pizza and the last package of frozen cinnamon breadsticks

Lunch: (B) Sandwich, (K) Salad leftovers from weekend
Dinner: Homemade mac & cheese

Lunch: (B) Sandwich, (K) Mac & cheese leftovers
Dinner: Bean soup with ham and beer bread

Lunch: (B) Mach & cheese leftovers, (K) Grilled sharp cheddar and spinach on sourdough
Dinner: (Friends for dinner) BBQ chicken legs and thighs, steamed green beans, Supreme pasta salad

Lunch: Leftover bean soup
Dinner: Clean out the fridge night

Lunch: McDonalds (treat we promised ourselves if we got up early and did yard work)
Dinner: Clean out the fridge night

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