Breakfast: Crockpot breakfast casserole adapted from this recipe (I used shredded carrots and zucchini, ham, and spinach), muffins, blueberry crisp *
Dinner: Baked broccoli and carrot alfredo, strawberry rhubarb crisp adapted from this recipe

Lunch: (B) Chicken fingers and French fries, (K) Chicken finger wrap with shredded cheddar and spinach
Dinner: Cast iron skillet chicken pot pie, leftover strawberry rhubarb crumble

Lunch: (B) Leftover pot pie, (K) Leftover alfredo
Dinner: Mac and cheese (blue box)

Lunch: Leftover pot pie
Dinner: Marinaded steak kebabs, grilled red potatoes, (K) grilled veggie kebab

Lunch: Trader Joe’s frozen vegetable fried rice with added edamame and egg
Dinner: (B) Out with friends, (K) White bean and kale soup (recipe coming soon!)

Lunch: (B) Leftover Thursday dinner, (K) Leftover white bean and kale soup
Dinner: Dinner at our friends’ house. I contributed chocolate moose tracks ice cream and waffle bowls

Lunch: (B) White bean and kale soup, (K) Loaded baked potato from Wednesday’s potatoes
Dinner: Stauffer’s lasagna, garlic bread, green beans

* Breakfast on Sunday was our last meal with the full group before going our separate ways so we planned a large brunch. It was incredible and filling! We both skipped lunch since we were too full still.

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