This week was fun because we had so much going on. My birthday was the 5th and Brian’s mom came over on Wednesday to take us out for dinner and spend the night and then my parents came over on Friday night so Brian and I could celebrate my birthday by going out by ourselves. It’s not often that we get to go out twice in one week!

Lunch: Cheese ravioli, garlic bread, broccoli
Dinner: Ice cream, string cheese, (K) Spring Onion noodle soup from Trader Joe’s

Lunch: Black bean quesadillas
Dinner: Chuck roast in the crock pot with potatoes, carrots, and onion

Lunch: (B) BBQ chicken sandwich with leftover BBQ chicken, (K) leftover roast
Dinner: Baked chicken fajitas (these were awesome!)

Lunch: Panera (broccoli cheese soup)
Dinner: On The Border (carne asada with cilantro lime rice and veggies)

Lunch: Leftover chicken fajitas
Dinner: Roasted asparagus, goat cheese and honey on wheat crackers, and popcorn

Lunch: A doughnut each (National Doughnut Day!), (B) Black bean quesadilla, (K) Black bean and sweet red pepper quesadilla
Dinner: Date Night! Local Italian place Mangiamo. It’s in a giant, old Victorian mansion. Brian ordered Parmesan crusted chicken with creamy red sauce and linguine and I picked slow roasted beef shoulder with mashed potatoes, broccolini, and shaved root vegetables.

Lunch: Cousin’s son’s first birthday party (brats, wonderful baked beans, potato salad)
Dinner: (B) Tacos from my On The Border carne asada, (K) Leftover beef shoulder

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