Breakfast: (B) Eggs, ham, and hash browns, (K) Greek omelette and bacon *
Dinner: Burgers at Bagger Dave’s

Lunch: (B) Pizza rolls, (K) Leftover omelette and bacon
Dinner: Leftover lasagna, garlic bread, (B) green beans, (K) California blend veggies

Lunch: (B) Sandwich, (K) White bean and kale soup
Dinner: Oven baked chicken fajitas

Lunch: BBQ pulled pork from the freezer
Dinner: Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Lunch: (B) Sandwich, (K) Grilled cheese
Dinner: (B) Some sort of sandwich, (K) Mediterranean salad **

Lunch: Chicken sandwich on a pretzel roll
Dinner: Chicago Trip (grilled chicken, roasted red pepper, artichoke, and mozzarella on chibata)

Lunch: Chicago Trip (sandwiches)
Dinner: Chicago Trip (Chicago-style deep dish pizza)

* Brian’s mom was in town for an extended family member’s graduation open house and invited us to breakfast at a small, localish place (25 minute drive). We were so full, we skipped lunch.

** A town about 20 minutes from us has a street performer series every Thursday so we packed the stroller and headed out last Thursday night

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