Lunch: Chicago Trip (picnic at the Aquarium)
Dinner: Chicago Trip (McDonald’s on the drive home)

I’m going to call this day a complete wash. Both my friend who was staying with us and I got food poisoning from our burgers on Sunday night and I have no recollection of what Brian ate. I know I choked down about 4 cups of water and that was it.

Lunch: (B) Leftover fajitas, perhaps, (K) Chicken broth
Dinner: I had baked sweet potatoes. I’m not sure what Brian ate

Lunch: Mystery lunch. I was running errands when Brian ate and still not quite hungry for anything
Dinner: Rotisserie chicken from Costco and 4 cheese bow pasta

Lunch: Sandwiches at Grandma’s house after the parade
Dinner: Marinaded and grilled filet mignon, grilled tiny potatoes with butter and kale, corn on the cob

Lunch: Family reunion
Dinner: Popcorn

Lunch: Jimmy John’s/Memorial Service food
Dinner: Popcorn

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