I have gotten really lazy about posting these! I had to leave quite a few days blank but I know I did cool quite a bit last week. My parents were on vacation so one of my younger sisters spent Monday through Friday at our house.

Lunch: Logan’s Roadhouse with friends after church
Dinner: Dinner at friends’ house. I contributed Cream Puff Dessert (recipe to come!)

Lunch: Quiznos because I love my husband (and I was running errands and we don’t have leftovers)
Dinner: Mini chicken pot pies and raspberries. I’d highly recommend cutting the herbs in half if you make these but even with the full amount, these are delicious!

Lunch: Leftover pot pie
Dinner: ?

Mystery day!

Mystery day!

Lunch: The last of the pot pies
Dinner: Small Mexican restaurant in the town where we had a reenactment

Lunch: Reenactment
Dinner: Reenactment

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