Confession: I didn’t keep track of our meals last week at all. Brian was sick for a few days so I ate a hodge podge of whatever was in the fridge for several days. I did make homemade chicken noodle soup and chicken black bean tacos at some point during the week but I can’t remember which days they were.

In other slightly related news, our new dishwasher comes today! When we renovated the kitchen in 2011, we planned on keeping the majority of our appliances and slowly replacing them as time allowed. We got the new microwave in January 2012, new stove in April 2013, and finally a new dishwasher! We picked one that was rated as super quiet, has a stainless steel tall tub, hidden control panel (great to keep buttons away from tiny fingers, reviews say it cleans extremely well, and is white so it will blend into the cabinets. Hopefully we will get it installed tonight and I can review it soon!

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