What We Ate: 8/18 – 8/24

This week was a bit of an odd week. We didn’t get home from the wedding until dinner on Sunday night and Brian was finishing up the last minute plans for WordCamp Grand Rapids at the end of the week. We knew that both of us would be busy over the weekend and actually had babysitters lined up for Friday night and Saturday afternoon and evening. That’s the most baby-free time I’ve ever had!

Lunch: Thai Chicken Pasta at Gull Landing in Pentwater, MI. Delicious!
Dinner: (B) Candy, (K) Leftover chicken taco meat as nacho toppings

Lunch: (B) Forgot to eat, (K) Leftover zucchini filling with fresh pasta
Dinner: Dinner with a friend. He brought zingy marinaded chicken, corn on the cob, and cherry pie. I provided spinach salad with lots of feta and cucumber

Lunch: (B) Sandwich, (K) Leftover spinach salad from Monday night with grilled chicken added
Dinner: (B) Leftover Thai chicken pasta, (K) Popcorn (I was uninspired and exhausted)

Lunch: (B) Sandwich, (K) Last of the sausage and veggie filling from the zucchini boats and a giant glass of iced coffee (headache)
Dinner: Homemade chicken noodle soup from my stash in the freezer

Lunch: (B) Sandwich, (K) Carrot sticks, good cheese, celery with peanut butter, and fresh garden tomatoes with salt
Dinner: Frozen fried rice from Trader Joe’s with edamame, egg, and peas added

Lunch: (B) WordCamp errands and a brewery stop, (K) Mushroom and onion pizza quesadilla
Dinner: Speaker/sponser dinner for WordCamp Grand Rapids

Lunch: (B) WordCamp- bar food, I think, (K) Mushroom and onion pizza quesadilla
Dinner: WordCamp after party

What We Ate: 8/11 – 8/17

Lunch: Quick Sunday lunch. It’s very likely we had pasta.
Dinner: Church potluck (we brought spinach salad with white cheddar, carrots, green pepper, and pepitas)

Lunch: (B) Rotisserie chicken sandwich, (K) Leftover Sunday salad with chicken
Dinner: Dinner at friends’ house (they provided pot roast and salad, we brought corn on the cob)

Lunch: Mac and cheese
Dinner: French toast

Lunch: Chicken and black bean tacos
Dinner: Steak at Logan’s *

Lunch: Leftover tacos
Dinner: Stuffed zucchini boats with linguine, similar to this recipe

Lunch: Leftover zucchini with linguine
Dinner: Rehearsal dinner **

Lunch: Subway (oven roasted chicken on herb and cheese bread with provolone and veggies)
Dinner: Wedding

* My middle little sister is going to be a senior in high school this year so Brian was called into duty to take her senior pictures. We drove out to the beach and shot for about 2 hours. It was after 8:00 when we were done and were all starved. We headed to Logan’s and filled ourselves up on steak and rolls.

** Brian was a groomsman in a wedding this weekend so we did a lot of traveling and eating food provided by someone else. It was a wonderful break!

What We Ate: 8/4 – 8/10

Lunch: Cheese stuffed pasta shells, garlic bread, California blend veggies
Dinner: Chinese food!

Lunch: Leftover shells and garlic bread
Dinner: Chuck roast in the crock pot with sweet potatoes, yellow skin potatoes, and carrots

Lunch: (B) Sandwich, (K) Leftover Chinese
Dinner: Brian skipped dinner and I had nachos

Lunch: (B) Sandwich, (K) Grilled cheese
Dinner: Birthday party for my dad (baked spaghetti and salad)

Lunch: (B) Sandwich, (K) Spinach salad with chicken and green pepper
Dinner: Clean out the fridge night

Lunch: Last of the chuck roast
Dinner: Date night (wood fired pizza)

Lunch: Homemade vegetable beef soup with the very last of the chuck roast
Dinner: Fundraiser in Brian’s home town for his aunt who has cancer

July Photo Dump

Ben loves the kitties and tries to play with them as often as he can catch them
Ben was very proud of himself when he figured out how to make his toy play music
Happy Independence Day!
Grandma was cleaning out her house and found the ViewMaster my dad and uncles when they were kids. She was going to throw it out so we claimed the toy along with a stack of slides from the 50s-70s. Love it!
Independence Day yard work. We tried the back carry with the Ergo for the first time. Ben didn’t like it as much because he can’t see and I don’t like getting my hair pulled. So far, nothing beats hip carry!
Celebrated our independence by grilling a few filet mignon steaks, mini potatoes and fresh corn
When the weather gets hot, we enjoy spending the afternoon in the pool
Chicken is now Ben’s favorite food
About half of the time that Ben goes quiet in the living room, I find him laying in a sea of books, happily turning pages and telling himself stories. That’s my boy!
Big news of the month was when Ben started to crawl! He demonstrated his new skills by helping Mowgli chase down a half-dead fly
Now that he can move, he doesn’t stop traveling and exploring
He is still a cute sleeper, even when he is a stinker during the day
Oh, you know, just reading a book like a BIG KID! The crossed ankles get me every time!
He figured out where we keep the good stuff he isn’t supposed to play with.
Giving kisses to the adorable baby that lives in the hall mirror
Cute hat day is always a good day
We had our second reenactment of the season. This was Ben’s first time wearing his new green dress and our first event with a mobile baby. Since he didn’t get lost, hurt, or eat more than a blade or two of grass, it was a pretty successful weekend!
I really wish this photo wasn’t blurry but it shows off Ben’s cheese-face so well! You can also see his top, front teeth that came in too.
Pondering one of life’s many mysteries: Where does the water go after a bath?
Ben figured out how to sit himself up from laying flat so bed time is much more complicated now
Sometimes it’s just too much work to finish laying down before falling asleep
I picked a peck of purple peppers… Not really a peck, only 3 so far but they are tiny and delicious! My supposed “early” tomatoes are not turning yet. I think the weather is too cold.
Pulling himself to his knees on anything that sits still longer than 5 seconds. Baby proofing the living room was very high on our priority list
Daddy left for WordCamp San Francisco and I decided to cut three teeth at once and be mean to Mommy for 5 days by not taking naps. She didn’t appreciate it.
I can picture these two getting into a lot of trouble together in the future
Brian and I have been lamenting the sudden turn toward being a big kid. Where did the baby go? Did the big boy eat him?
Brian came home from San Francisco and Ben and I were thrilled!

What We Ate: 7/28 – 8/3

Lunch: Homemade sloppy joes, supreme pasta salad with zucchini, carrot, red onion, and green pepper, lemon bars *
Dinner: Popcorn

Lunch: Leftover sloppy joes
Dinner: Went to Mom and Dad’s for dinner (blueberry pancakes, bacon, and watermelon)

Lunch: Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate Brian coming home!
Dinner: Last of the sloppy joes with tortilla chips because we were out of buns

Lunch: Leftover wings
Dinner: Personal pizzas (Italian herb crust, homemade sauce, Brian had pepperoni, I had bell peppers)

Lunch: Mac & cheese
Dinner: Chipotle (Brian got a chicken burrito, I got a chicken bowl)

Lunch: Grilled porterhouse steak with sautéed onions, grilled potatoes, fresh steamed green beans
Dinner: Popcorn (still full from our enormous lunch!)

Lunch: Both of us skipped lunch to get more yard work done. Not the best choice but we didn’t really miss it.
Dinner: Block party potluck!

* In an attempt to have some adult company while Brian was out of town, my brother and sister-in-law came over for lunch on Sunday. We had to change our plans to grill at the last minute because of rain but the homemade sloppy joe’s turned out incredible! I followed the recipe as written for the most part but I had around 1/2 cup of pureed pumpkin that needed to be used or tossed so I added it to the sauce mix and cut down the amount of ketchup. Delicious!

What We Ate: 7/21 – 7/27

Lunch: Reenactment
Dinner: Popcorn *

Lunch: Sandwiches
Dinner: Proscuitto and spinach pizza from Papa Murphy’s, a take and bake pizza chain **

Lunch: I forgot to eat 🙂
Dinner: Penne with vodka sauce, garlic bread and steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots

Lunch: Leftover pizza
Dinner: Cast iron skillet pot pie

Lunch: Leftover skillet pot pie
Dinner: Purple bell pepper and red onion omelette

Lunch: Loaded nachos (bell pepper, black beans, red onion, tomato)
Dinner: Leftover steamed veggies and a frozen single serve cup of strawberries ***

Lunch: Wendy’s while on the go
Dinner: Farmers market personal pizza with peppers, green onion, and tomato

* By the time we got home from the reenactment, unpacked the cars, and fed and bathed Ben, we were too tired to care about dinner.

** Friends of ours are moving to Ohio and in a last minute attempt to see them one last time before they left, we met them for frozen yogurt in the middle of the afternoon. We were right by Papa Murphy’s so we picked up a pizza, knowing that we would not want to eat for quite a while.

*** It is kind of nice to have a break from cooking big meals and just eat whatever sounds good to me for a few days. I didn’t eat lunch until 2:30 this afternoon so I still was not hungry around dinner time.

What We Ate: 7/14 – 7/20

I have gotten really lazy about posting these! I had to leave quite a few days blank but I know I did cool quite a bit last week. My parents were on vacation so one of my younger sisters spent Monday through Friday at our house.

Lunch: Logan’s Roadhouse with friends after church
Dinner: Dinner at friends’ house. I contributed Cream Puff Dessert (recipe to come!)

Lunch: Quiznos because I love my husband (and I was running errands and we don’t have leftovers)
Dinner: Mini chicken pot pies and raspberries. I’d highly recommend cutting the herbs in half if you make these but even with the full amount, these are delicious!

Lunch: Leftover pot pie
Dinner: ?

Mystery day!

Mystery day!

Lunch: The last of the pot pies
Dinner: Small Mexican restaurant in the town where we had a reenactment

Lunch: Reenactment
Dinner: Reenactment

June Photo Dump

We did a lot of friend visiting, walks, and local fun in June. Here are some snapshots of life as a Richards!

Hanging out at Ben’s second cousin’s first birthday party
Brian’s aunt got Ben this puppy for Christmas. It hooks up to the computer and you can teach it to say the child’s name and favorite food, animal, and color. Ben loes hearing it sing to him!
Ben’s response to his Baby Neptune dvd. This mama loves that Ben sits long enough to get her a quiet lunch
This clothes pin wreath is quite possibly my first non-reenacting related craft since Ben was born. I haven’t taken it down yet because I love it so much!
We got a little baby pool and Ben loves splashing and rolling around in it
He loves his water toys!
Nose wrinkle cheeseball face!
Ben will eat anything off a fork
Ben hasn’t quite started crawling yet but can roll wherever he wants to go. Brian texted this photo to me when I was running errands one day. Time to baby proof the house!
Working with Daddy
I had a GREAT trip to the baby consignment store and found a simple sling that was exactly my size for $8
We took a weekend trip to Chicago so Brian could attend Word Camp Chicago at the end of the month and this is the gorgeous and comfortable apartment we rented.
Ben checked out the apartment and decided wood floors are slippery
My sanity-saving travel buddies on the blue line train in Chicago
My baby and me at Navy Pier. You can faintly see the massive bruise on his forehead where he came in contact with the recliner the day we left for Chicago
The view from the outdoor patio at the Shedd where we ate lunch
We loved the jellyfish exhibit

What We Ate: 7/7 – 7/13

Confession: I didn’t keep track of our meals last week at all. Brian was sick for a few days so I ate a hodge podge of whatever was in the fridge for several days. I did make homemade chicken noodle soup and chicken black bean tacos at some point during the week but I can’t remember which days they were.

In other slightly related news, our new dishwasher comes today! When we renovated the kitchen in 2011, we planned on keeping the majority of our appliances and slowly replacing them as time allowed. We got the new microwave in January 2012, new stove in April 2013, and finally a new dishwasher! We picked one that was rated as super quiet, has a stainless steel tall tub, hidden control panel (great to keep buttons away from tiny fingers, reviews say it cleans extremely well, and is white so it will blend into the cabinets. Hopefully we will get it installed tonight and I can review it soon!